Ring Neck Pheasant -Right Wing - Printed in the USA

Ring Neck Pheasant -Right Wing - Printed in the USA

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Original Photographic Studies. Printed in the USA

The texture of this handmade paper beautifully complements the detailed photographic studies individually printed in the studio. This combination of paper and image- titled and hand signed in pencil- results in a distinctive, one of a kind artwork for your enjoyment.

Printed on English watercolor paper, which is made On the banks of the pristine River Axe- surrounded by the green fields and quiet country lanes of Somerset County, England- historic Cuthbert's Mill has been producing high quality artists papers since the 1700's. Using one of the few remaining Cylinder Mould machines left in the world, the master papermakers make only high quality Mouldmade papers that are archival as well as visually beautiful.

This is the place of origin for the Somerset papers, the standard of excellence for printmaking paper. This 100% cotton rag paper makes for long term durability and the acid free, buffered cotton base ensures archivability. This natural white paper yields exceptionally rich detail with a velvety fine art texture. The beautiful random surface texture of the paper enhances the finished print, without overwhelming the image.