Goodwin Lavender Topiary 4” Grey Pot

Goodwin Lavender Topiary 4” Grey Pot

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Goodwin Creek Gray Lavender -Lavandula x ginginsii 'Goodwin Creek Gray’

A dense mound of finely toothed, silver-grey foliage and beautiful, long, slender, dark purple flower spikes. Very tolerant of heat, sun, and periodic drought. Ideal for sunny containers. In colder climates, overwinter potted plants indoors until spring, after danger of frost. Evergreen.

Light Needs

Full sun

Water Needs

Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat or containers.

How do you care for a potted lavender topiary?

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Lavender in containers is prone to overwatering. Your job is to keep soil consistently moist—don't let it dry out too much and don't keep it overly wet. Aim to let soil dry to a depth of 1 inch between waterings.

After plants flower, snip all flower stems and prune growing tips back a few inches—but don't cut into woody parts of stems. Keep your lavender tree outdoors year-round if the lavender species is hardy in your growing zone. In colder regions, bring your lavender tree indoors for winter.